What to Do In Order To Maintain Your Twitter Followers

Gaining followers on twitter is usually a major hurdle. One you jump over it, the next challenge stares right at your face; maintaining the followers. A similar situation is observed on YouTube where you would definitely wish to retain the number of regular viewers. The problems might not be experienced while using free YouTube views or free Twitter followers as they will not unfollow you at any point.

The best way to deal with the challenge would be to engage the audience with posts that are interesting and thought-provoking. Also ensure that you don’t post too frequently or repetitively so as not to annoy the subscribers. Other tips include;

  • Profile and content relation

The content that you post on your twitter account should match the description of your profile so as to ensure that the interested followers get what they expect. This applies more if you are a professional or have specified your hobby and interests in your bio. Twitter followers with similar interested will tend to stay hooked to your account anticipating for related content. The same can also be said about youtube and your viewers.

  • Interaction

Make sure you keep in touch with your Twitter followers and YouTube viewers, mostly by asking them questions or replying to their queries. Whenever you can help any of them, do not hesitate to do so.

  • Controversy

You may want to steer clear away from any controversial issues. Taking a strong stance on issues such as politics, sex or religion may enrage some followers. You should also not compromise all the way to an extent that you can’t really express what you truly feel. Try to find a reasonable balance. This may however, not affect the followers and viewers obtained from free YouTube views and free Twitter followers

  • Do not concentrate too much on individuals

Having long conversations on twitter with one person may work against you. Your tweets are always sent to all your subscribers. The feeds intended for your subscribers may be littered with the conversation tweets which have no relation to it. Using direct message might solve the problem.

  • Auto DM

You should always avoid sending automatic direct messages. The reason for this is because people might think that they are spam or get annoyed with the consequence of the unfollowing you.

  • Consistence

Radically changing the Twitter content after establishing a presence is strongly no recommended. There is a reason as to why people followed you and as soon as you take that out, you will lose some followers. The followers lost don’t include those got from free YouTube views and free Twitter followers.